Conditions of Participation ARLBERG Giro 2023

In the following information, the term „Participants“ refers to both male and female contestants.

All persons aged 18 and over are entitled to take part. Helmets are compulsory. Each participant carries the complete responsibility for his/her state of health. The organisers accept no liability for incidents during the event.


Late entries are possible up to 1 hour before the start of the event.


Participants are entitled to take part on the condition that the registration form has been completed and signed in acceptance of the conditions stipulated by the event organisers, as well as the entry fee being paid on time to the specified account. Late payment of entry fees and any transfer costs resulting from such will be charged additionally.


Each participant takes part at their own risk. Participants acknowledge that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any accidents or unforeseen events that may occur either during or after the event (nor for those affecting or caused by third parties). Participants must ensure they are covered by an appropriate liability insurance that is recognised in Austria.


The rules and regulations of the current Austrian Highway Code (StVO 1960) are to be strictly adhered to during this event. No sections of the race route will be closed off. Grazing cattle or free roaming animals may be encountered at any time.


The organisers will monitor the behaviour of the participants over the entire race route by means of a motorcycle patrol. Members of this patrol are entitled to issue instructions and, if the need arises, carry out disqualifications. Instructions given by supervisory bodies on the road (Police) an/or representatives of the organisers en-route are to be followed. If it is deemed that a participant has violated the Highway Code, their personal details will be noted and reported to the governing authorities, which may result in criminal proceedings. Unsportsmanlike behaviour by any participant will invariably result in disqualification. Likewise, the organisers are entitled to remove any participants from the ratings who are obviously not going to reach the fixed checkpoints on time.


Start numbers will only be issued to participants in person, bearing proof of payment of the entry fee, transfer or sale of the start number to a third party before or during the event is not permitted. Should a participant not take part, he/she is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. On registering, we recommend that participants take out suitable cancellation insurance.


According to the requirements of the organisers, start numbers should be attached at the very latest immediately before the race begins. The larger start number should be pinned to the back of the participant’s outermost garment with safety pins. Reflectors should also be attached to the space provided on this start number. The smaller start number with timing chip must be fastened to the handlebars with cable-ties.


Participants will be ranked in the following categories:
1989-2005 Class A, 1979-1988 Class B, 1964-1978 Class C, 1963+ Class D


There are no specific mountain bike ratings. Furthermore, cycles that are not exclusively propelled by human muscle power – E-Bikes – are not permitted.


Support vehicles are undesirable and, if they follow a participant too closely, could provide grounds for a possible disqualification of such participant. Disqualification may also occur if the driver of any support vehicle violates the Austrian Highway Code.


A cycle repair service is provided by the organisers, in particular at the refreshment stations en-route. It is recommended, however, to start the race equipped with appropriate spare parts and tools. Any services used by the cycle repair facility are to be paid for immediately in cash.


No accompanying persons will be served at the refreshment stations.


Participants are requested not to litter the race route with rubbish. Failure to comply may result in immediate disqualification.


In the event of the timing microchip not being returned immediately after crossing the finishing line, the participant will be obliged to pay a replacement chip fee of € 50,- to the organisers.


The organisers reserve the right to alter the race route or re-establish time limits in the event of bad weather or any other unforeseeable circumstances. In the event of potential danger to life and limb, the organisers may cancel or terminate the event after consultation with the executive board. If the race is cancelled due to force majeure or on instructions from the authorities, entry fees will not be refunded.


Participants consent to unlimited use of pictures and video material of the event and his/her personal details in respect of this event being published and/or passed on to third parties. This applies in particular to the compilation of a rank list and any communication between the event organisers and/or authorised third parties and the participants.


Participants should note that the organiser accepts no liability for bicycle theft.


Each participant accepts appliance of these regulations and confirms that he/she has read and understood the various provisions fully.
The undersigned confirms acceptance of the aforementioned regulations with his/her signature.