Get your outfits and extras in the ARLBERG Giro 2019 design in top quality by Jakroo:  


ARLBERG Giro Arm Warmer

ARLBERG Giro Leg Warmer

ARLBERG Giro Gloves

ARLBERG Giro Bib Shorts

ARLBERG Giro Bib Shorts

ARLBERG Giro Shorts

Information by Jakroo: 

Sizing Information

We know there is wide variety in body type and fit preference. We recommend selecting size based on height, and consider fit style to fine-tune for width of body and preference for riding. We also provide guaranteed fitting recommendations – please see below on how to receive yours!

Fit Styles

RELAXED: a popular fit style for riders who prefer a looser fitting garment, or for those with larger torsos. (Available in Fondo, Giro, Tour jerseys)

STANDARD: this fit style is for the regular athletic build in either gender. (Available in Fondo, Giro, Tour, Nova jerseys) 

SLIM: this fit style is for narrower riders, or for those who prefer an aerodynamic, body-forming fit. (Available in Giro, Tour and Nova Jerseys)

Bibs and Shorts: We consider our bib/short sizing to be industry standard and recommend sizing bottoms to your jersey size. 


We hope you'll take advantage of our guaranteed personal fitting recommendation service. To receive yours, please send an e-mail with the below measurements to:

- Height
- Weight
- Chest
- Waist
- Inseam

To be on the safe side, we offer a size sample kit that can be sent to you. All we require is payment for a nominal shipping charge. Please let us know if you are interested by emailing us